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"I've been wanting to seek another breakthrough.

I was stuck at being comfortable for too long.

Through Eileen's coaching, I know why I have self-sabotage patterns. I've also learnt how to overcome these patterns. Now, I'm consistently achieving a 5-digit commission every month."

John Tan

Associate Group Director

"Even better than SK-II!"

Shee Hwa

Client Servicing Executive

"I earned $50k in 3 days."


Real Estate Agent

"Did you try to figure it out
on your own?"



"Being fascinated by the Universe's Laws, I found a structured approach through Eileen's guidance.

Once hesitant about social interactions, I often procrastinated and worried about others' opinions. The program taught me to see every person as a meaningful connection. Engaging with like-minded individuals in a mastermind group helped me tackle challenges and move closer to my C-type goals.

With Thinking Into Results, I've learned to refocus when distracted and put theory into action to develop a results-driven mindset. And feeding off the community's enthusiasm, I've formed empowering mental habits to create the life I desire."

Belle Ong

Project Manager

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