Don't believe us, believe them

"I've been wanting to seek another breakthrough. I was stuck at being comfortable for too long.

Through Eileen's coaching, I know why I have self-sabotage patterns. I've also learnt how to overcome these patterns. Now, I'm consistently achieving a 5-digit commission every month."

John Tan

Associate Group Director

"My work is now beyond just paying the bills."

Shee Hwa

Client Servicing Executive

"I earned $50k in 3 days."


Real Estate Agent

"I boosted my income & have more time for my wife."



"Being fascinated by the Universe's Laws, I found a structured approach through Eileen's guidance.

Once hesitant about social interactions, I often procrastinated and worried about others' opinions. The program taught me to see every person as a meaningful connection. Engaging with like-minded individuals in a mastermind group helped me tackle challenges and move closer to my C-type goals.

With Thinking Into Results, I've learned to refocus when distracted and put theory into action to develop a results-driven mindset. And feeding off the community's enthusiasm, I've formed empowering mental habits to create the life I desire."

Belle Ong

Project Manager

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The Frequency of Prosperity

Radio uses frequencies - What if prosperity had its own frequency? Can prosperity be tuned in like a radio station whenever you desire?

Find out in this masterclass if there's a frequency just for success and wealth.

Decoding Wealth

Are you tired of working hard but still struggling with wealth?

Discover the real reason money isn't flowing to you and uncover the secrets of wealth in our eye-opening program: Decoding Wealth

PS: It's not about the 'how'. If you're intrigued, let's decode wealth together.

The Wheel of Life

Desire to have a 10/10 in ALL areas of your life?

Discover how to achieve 10/10 with 10 sessions of 1:1 coaching with Eileen Chieng.

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