"How I found my side hustle..."

Based on a systematic and pragmatic

7-step checklist.

7 Reasons why YOU want to be a Life Coach.

You feel good when helping others

This is especially so when you know your past trials, traumas & success are of help to others. You are able to provide the support and help others to improve their self confidence.

No experience is needed. Just be YOU.

You don't need to gain any more experience. You are sharing the good, the bad & the ugly from your own work and life experiences. As you wished you had someone like you when you were younger!

You want to build a side hustle (or do a career switch).

You did well in climbing the corporate ladder and you'd like a change. You want to create an impact beyond your corporate career.

It's a $20B industry.

According to PwC, the Coaching Industry was the second fastest-growing sector in the world. The global executive coaching certification market has reached $8.4B in 2021. With increasing demand for qualified and skilled executives, the overall demand for coaching is forecast to grow at 11.3% and surpass a valuation of $27B by the end of 2032.

No longer have to ask for a pay raise.

Even though you are a superstar at work, a pay raise is not guaranteed as it is subject to budget availability.

Yet as a coach, when you get better at it, the pay raise happens automatically!

You are paid to study.

This is my reason as I'm constantly improving myself anyways. And this is in alignment with me being a

coach. As it allows me to gather new

information, tools & techniques to help my clients to compress their learning time & get to theirgoals faster!

No longer have to apply for leave.

When I used to have a job, it seems like there is never a right time to apply for leave. With technological advancement, I can coach my clients via conference calls from any part of the world. Sometimes, the best coaching calls are in a villa at Bali.

Do you love these 7 reasons? Want to get started?

Coach the Coach program

A 10-module program to help you get your foot into a $20 billion industry!

You will learn the ins and outs of how to start a coaching business including:

  • Where to find your ideal clients,
  • How much to price your coaching services,
  • How to facilitate coaching within groups or 1:1 coaching... etc

Coach the Coach is the program for you!

As you coach your clients to achieve transformation and improvements in their lives, you are also building a successful coaching business. This involves crafting the right branding and infrastructure to attract ideal clients from around the world through an accessible online presence.

In this program, you'll discover everything you need to know to launch and scale your coaching practice, including:

- Finding your target audience and ideal clients.

- Setting the right pricing for your coaching services.

- Facilitating group coaching or 1-on-1 sessions effectively.

- Building a backend system for client onboarding, payments and support

This further unleashes the potential of who YOU are and to be of service to help others to bring out more of the potential within them. Creating an absolute win-win situation.

Overview of the 10-week program

Your BIG Why

Why do you want to be a coach?


How to attract your ideal clients?

The BIGGER picture. Coaching gets better when it is supported by systems & automations.


How does your back office looks like? How & who collect the payments?


How to ask for sale?

This is probably one of the number one stumbling block!


How do you create your own program from scratch?


How much do I charge? How much should I? How much can I charge?

The Wheel Of Business What's the vision for your coaching business?

The INNER Game

What kind of coach are you when the times are tough?



Implementation Phase: A 7-Month Journey

Leverage the knowledge you've garnered in the first 10 weeks and take the exciting leap forward by launching your own coaching business!

Bonus 🎁 5 additional 1:1 coaching calls to fine-tune your strategies and propel your business forward.

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